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MC-909 SM/XD Card, Demo


Video Tutorial: MC-909-as-sampler.avi


K2661 Version - 661 MB

samples/2022-05-16.001 , samples/2022-05-16.002 , samples/2022-05-16.003 , samples/2022-05-16.004 , samples/2022-05-16.005 , samples/2022-05-16.006 , samples/2022-05-16.CRC


How have I Auto Sysex Sampled these Presets:

The Sysex Send, Bank&Prgch, and Midi Preset Trigger Process is done with my own AmigaOS SynthCtrl Prog

Sampling is done with a Profire 610/Ext Sync TC Finalizer Express and Samplitude X6 (with Set Marker on Silence)

Awave Studio to remove silence and others things, Extreme Sample Converter as GFX Wave Check


These Samples aren't sorted, So scroll and find the good one's for You're self


There can be Samples that are not 100% Trimmed correctly, That's just to many manual editing work and my eyes needs to rest too

So: "Work In Progress" or feel free to collaborate